Good afternoon. My name is Toshinobu Hayashi , I’m the president of Kouwa.

I’d like to thank you for given me this opportunity to address.

Today , I’d like to talk about our strong point of company.

I’ve divided my presentation into 4 parts.

Firstly , I’ll introduce our company.

Secondly , I’ll show you our products.

Thirdly , I’ll explain method of manufacturing cost reduction.

Finally , I’m going to explain load status of each MC.

OK, let’s begin Company’s profile

Founded 1965

Capital 10million yen

Address Aichi Japan

Employees    Engineer 5 Indirect parson 4 Workers 16

Total 25emplyees Outline of business

We supply products as shown here to the Aerospace , Automotive and medical industry.

We have JIS Q certification of 9100 and ISO9001.

So , that was introduce our company.