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1  About us

I've divided my presentation into three parts.

I'll introduce our company .

2  Introduction of typical products.

I'll show you our products. 

3   QCD production process

   : Quality , Cost and Delivery.

I'll explain the Q.C.D of our production process . 


  About us 

Kouwa-tec is a parts manufacturer company

As shown in this slide , we have specific technology in precision machining using state-of- the art facilities such as :

  3 axis , 4 axis , 5 axis machining centers .

  And moreover , we are equipped with a CMM (coordinate measurement machine) for 3D(three dimensional) measurement inspection to CAD DWGs . 

1. Company Outline       com.jpg

1.2 Our products
Parts and materials

We supply products as shown here to the Aerospace , Automotive and medical industry . including

  Aluminum , 64Titanium and recently CFRP for proto-type models .

  Of these , machined parts of high strength steel HRC60 and stainless steel to car makers make up a large percent of our business .

Material for application


Stainless steel




High hardness material

1.3 Manufacturing process

As shown in this chart .

   Our manufacturing processes is comprised of these steps :

Starting with ---------------------

1) Creating the cutting NC data by using CAD / CAM based on customer’s drawings .

2) Then , That NC data is checked using the simulations .

3) The data is sent to the MC and  the products are manufactured .

4) and finally 3D measuring instruments for go / no-go inspections “ .


 I have explained our materials and process .

Introduction of typical products

1.This chart shows the principle products that are manufactured to our customer’s specifications .

 2. This is a part for medical industry .

     The material is 64 tin is used for implants .

    The material is SUS and it is used in operations .

 3. These parts are used for the spacecraft .

     The material is 64 tin and it is for aircrafts , while this parts is used for rockets .

 4. And these are automobile parts .

     The material is hard material and AL . They are trial products .

  These are some original product’s produced by company .

1 . This is a 60 piece 3D puzzle made of AL .

2 . This is a wine chalice made from 64 Titanium .

     The thickness of this chalice is 0.1 mm .

     It’s so thin that it bends when you push it .


     Our company manufactures these original chalices for hotels , restaurants and bars .


QCD production process

3. QCD: Research and development of thin shape cutting

3.1 QCD : Synchronization of the Mc and robot

3.2 QCD : Adaptive cutting condition

3.3 QCD : Signal-Noise ratio and sensitivity

3.4 QCD : Summary


Comply with JIS Q 9100


Our research and development helps decrease the MC cost


Our research and development with adaptive machine cutting brings Short Delivery Times .